We Use:

  • FEFLOW: A comprehensive software package for groundwater and porous media modelling. FEFLOW can simulate a multitude of processes involving fluid flow, groundwater age, contaminant and heat transport under fully or variably saturated conditions - from local to regional scale.
  • MODFLOW (all versions)
  • ArcGIS & Spatial Analyst
  • PEST / UCODE for automated calibration

We Create:

  • FEFLOW Plug-Ins:
    • ModelUtil: A plug-in utility for estimating and/or recording transient storage changes, water-table location, and selected head, pressure, and saturation simulation results.
    • PitLakeBC: A plug-in for modeling the formation of a lake after mining of an open pit ceases.
    • ZoneTable: A FREE plug-in to simplify and update of hydraulic conductivity, specific storage, and specific yield.
  • ArcGIS Add-Ons:
    • FFMeshCalc
    • MFGridCalc
    • NFGeostats
  • Custom Software:
    • Access and Excel marcos in VBA and C#
    • ArcGIS python scripts and Add-On's
    • FEFLOW Plug-In's
    • Google Earth / Maps
    • GPS Maps
AquaGeo, Ltd. | Conifer, Colorado